Trinity Western University

Graduation Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees

English Language Writing Competency

Students admitted to the University are required to enrol in a Writing course in their first semester of full-time study or upon completing 26 sem. hrs. of part-time study, and in each successive semester until obtaining a passing mark, unless they meet at least one of the criteria outlined in the Undergraduate Admissions section of this Calendar. The Writing courses are designed to help ensure that students have the necessary writing skills to be successful in their academic studies. Students for whom English is their native language enrol in WRTG 100, while students who are not native speakers of English enrol in WRTG 101. Students are required to pass either WRTG 100 or WRTG 101 before enrolling in ENGL 103 or ENGL 101, respectively, and may only enrol in WRTG 100 or WRTG 101 a third time by permission (contact the Office of the Registrar for more information).

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