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Omada Teambuilding

Jamie Barrow, Omada Teambuilding Manager

Omada Teambuilding is part of Trinity Western University, which has a 40-year legacy of leadership development. Omada Teambuilding caters to corporate groups, sports teams, youth groups, students, and more and seeks to bring out the best in each person, while building cohesive and energized teams. Through shared experiences, such as high and low ropes courses, dragon boating, and orienteering, groups must learn to co-operate, trust, problem-solve and communicate in the pursuit of a common goal. A time of reflection following the events revitalizes people’s perspectives on team dynamics and individual strengths and weaknesses. Every Omada Teambuilding event is individually tailored to suit the group’s specific needs and desires. Each activity is directly relevant to the group, and a group never has the same experience twice.

Students have the opportunity to experience Omada’s programs through their student leadership positions, as a group, or by working as facilitators for Omada Teambuilding.

Contact Omada Teambuilding’s manager for bookings and further information.

David E. Enarson Gymnasium





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