Trinity Western University

Admission Requirements

Residence Requirement

Trinity Western University is committed to providing on-campus residence that assists students in personal growth. The University believes that residential living contributes significantly to the development of the total person and his or her persistence in post-secondary studies. To enhance the accomplishment of its mission “to develop godly Christian leaders,” the University requires that all full-time (12 or more sem. hrs.) students live on campus for their first two years or until third year standing of at least 57 sem. hrs. is achieved. Automatic exceptions to this policy will apply to anyone who is: married, living with parent(s)/legal guardian, at least 21 years of age, or enrolled in part-time studies (11 sem. hrs. or less). Appeals for circumstances not mentioned in the previous exceptions may be submitted in writing to the Campus Service Centre no later than July 1 (for the fall semester) and November 1 (for the spring semester). Until an appeal is granted, the residence requirement remains in effect. Students found living outside Trinity Western’s residence requirement will be seen as not fulfilling the requirements of enrolment and may be required to deregister from the University.

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