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Canadian Students


Students graduating from the Ontario High School curriculum must successfully complete an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, with an overall minimum average of 65 per cent in six Grade 12 U or M courses, one of which must be Grade 12 U English. In addition to English, normally three courses must be from the following areas:


Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis (CGW4U)

World Geography: Human Patterns and Interactions (CGU4U)

The Environment and Resource Management (CGR4M)

Geomatics: Geotechnologies in Action (CGO4M)


Canada: History, Identity, and Culture (CGI4U)

World History: The West and the World (CGY4U)


Canadian and World Politics (CPW4U)

Analyzing Current Economic Issues (CIA4U)

Canadian and International Law (CLN4U)


English (ENG4U)

Studies in Literature (ETS4U)

The Writer’s Craft (EWC4U)


Any foreign language at the U level


Geometry and Discrete Mathematics (MGA4U)

Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus (MCB4U)

Mathematics and Data Management (MDM4U)

Native Studies

Issues of Indigenous Peoples in a Global Context (NDW4M)

Aboriginal Governance: Emerging Directions (NDG4M)


Science 12 (SNC4M)

Biology (SBI4U)

Chemistry (SCH4U)

Earth and Space Science (SES4U)

Physics (SPH4U)


Philosophy: Questions and Theories (HZT4U)


Religious Education (HRE4M) (HRE4M or an equivalent may be used as part of the admission decision, but it will not count towards the four required academic subjects.)

*Students graduating from an Ontario high school prior to June 2004 will be evaluated using the old curriculum. Completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) including a minimum of six Ontario academic courses (OACs), one of which must be English, with a minimum of 65 per cent overall average in OACs. Consideration for admission is given to students who have completed the OSSD with four OACs (including English) where a minimum of 70 per cent overall has been achieved.

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