Trinity Western University

Undergraduate Admissions

Trinity Western University desires to provide, for people of any race, colour, or creed, a university education in the arts and sciences with an integrated Christian world view.

Each applicant should be acquainted with the aims, objectives, regulations, and standards of conduct at Trinity Western University as outlined in the application materials, the Academic Calendar, Student Handbook, and University website. In making formal application for admission, the applicant agrees to respect these aims and objectives and to adhere to these regulations and standards of conduct.

The University reserves the right to grant, deny, or revoke the admission of any applicant or student on the basis of his or her inability to fully commit to and comply with the University’s Community Covenant and/or policies and guidelines of the University. Further, the University reserves the right to grant or deny admission to any applicant on the basis of criteria outlined below. Limitation of facilities, personnel, or other considerations may also place restrictions on admission to the University and/or specific programs.

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This page contains official TWU academic program information.