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Coastal Pacific Aviation/UFV: Aviation Studies

Since September 1993, Trinity Western University has had a cooperative agreement with Coastal Pacific Aviation and the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV in Abbotsford, B.C.) for students who wish to combine quality aviation training with academic studies towards a university degree (baccalaureate) or an Associate of Arts diploma.

Aviation subjects are taught by Coastal Pacific instructors. University academic courses are taught by professors at Trinity Western University. Students study part time at Trinity Western University while completing two years of aviation course work at Coastal Pacific. The Aviation program credits are transferable towards either an Associate of Arts diploma (two years of study) or a bachelor’s degree (four years of study) at Trinity Western as a special concentration in Aviation consisting of approximately 26 sem. hrs. of Aviation courses at CPA/UFV (depending on specialization). An additional 4 sem. hrs. of upper level TWU Aviation courses are granted, upon completing all CPA/UFV Aviation requirements, resulting in a concentration (30 sem. hrs.) in Aviation. Students who pursue a baccalaureate degree are required to do at least one other concentration. If that concentration is chosen from the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, a B.Sc. is granted; otherwise, a B.A. is awarded.

The Aviation program through Coastal Pacific is designed to cover the academic and flying components essential to the preparation of commercial pilots for entry-level positions in the aviation industry. The program consists of training for a commercial licence followed by advanced training, generally including multi-engine and instrument training, but with an optional flight instructor rating. The program is rigorous and requires a high standard of academic and flight performance. Program requirements are meant to protect the applicant’s investment by enhancing the professional environment in which he or she trains. Students need to make direct application to CPA for acceptance into the program. Inquiries should be made well in advance of intended commencement. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

It should be noted that responsibility for ensuring the academic quality of Coastal Pacific’s aviation courses rests with the University of the Fraser Valley, not Trinity Western. Similarly, all liability exposure for this aviation program rests solely with Coastal Pacific/University of the Fraser Valley. Trinity Western merely grants 30 sem. hrs. of transfer credit for Coastal Pacific’s aviation program towards either its Associate of Arts diploma in Aviation or one of its baccalaureate degrees.

The program objective is to develop pilots who are well-trained in the manual skills required to fly an aircraft, who have a comprehensive academic background to help them understand complex aircraft systems, and who have the interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team.

Further information is available from the Admissions Office or the Academic Advising Office at Trinity Western University or from:

Coastal Pacific Aviation
Abbotsford Airport
30575 Approach Dr.
Abbotsford, B.C. Canada
V2T 6H5
Attention: Aviation Program Coordinator

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