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Redeemer Pacific College


TWU core and elective requirements described in the specific commentary of each of the various undergraduate majors, concentrations, or minors are met by sections of RPC courses. RPC offers both sections of TWU courses as well as unique RPC-TWU courses.

Redeemer Pacific College Sections of TWU Courses

ENGL 103 Introduction to Literature: Short Fiction and Poetry RP
ENGL 104 Introduction to Literature: Drama and the Novel RP
RELS 101 Introduction to Old Testament Studies RP
RELS 102 Introduction to New Testament Studies RP
RELS 160 Introduction to Theology RP
RELS 224 New Testament Theology: Christology RP
RELS 465 Influential Thinkers in the Western Christian Tradition RP

See this Calendar’s Course Descriptions section for more information.

Redeemer Pacific College Unique Courses

The TWU Undergraduate Academic Council has approved for TWU course credit the following unique RPC courses:

ART 215 Beauty and Sacred: Introduction to the Sacred Arts RP
EDUC 203 Foundations of Education RP
LATIN 211, 212 Medieval and Ecclesiastical Latin RP
HIST 302 Greece and Rome: Leadership in the Ancient World RP
PHIL 111 History of Western Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval RP
PHIL 303 Medieval Philosophy RP
PHIL 304 Metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas RP
PHIL 305 Philosophy of the Human Person RP
RELS 365 Christian Moral Theology RP
RELS 366 Theology of the Body RP
RELS 375 The Christian Apologetics of C.S. Lewis RP
RELS 387 Christian Theology in Ecumenical Dialogue RP
RELS 399 Catholic Spirituality RP
RELS 473 The Theology of Thomas Aquinas and John Paul II RP

See Course Descriptions for information on each course. Refer to the TWU timetable or the RPC website,, for information on when courses are offered. All TWU students should register for RPC courses through TWU’s course registration process.

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