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Graduate Interdisciplinary M.A. in the Humanities (English, History, Philosophy)

Specialized Humanities

This track is appropriate for students with a strong interest in one of the disciplines in the program. The level of specialization is similar to that of a M.A. in that discipline (e.g. M.A. in English, M.A. in History, or M.A. in Philosophy). Both the thesis and non-thesis options are open to any student with a strong background in one of these disciplines, but are designed primarily for students desiring to pursue doctoral studies in the chosen discipline.

At the same time, the interdisciplinary character of the Humanities program is provided by: 1) the composition of the required three interdisciplinary core seminars; 2) the ability of the student (with the advisor) to select according to individual interest, appropriate courses from a variety available in each disciplinary stream; and 3) an intentional interdisciplinary component in the thesis. The common critique from a Christian worldview perspective is also both an integrative and an interdisciplinary facet.

The thesis option is recommended for students in Philosophy and is optional for History students. The non-thesis option includes the same core but replaces the thesis requirement with a major essay and an additional course. It is recommended for students in English and is optional for History students.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Thesis - Non-Thesis

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