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Graduate Program in Leadership (M.A.) and in Educational Leadership (M.A.)

Fees for M.A. IN LEADERSHIP Program

Since the program and policies of the University are under continual review, the schedule of fees and charges may change without notice. The following fee schedule is for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Tuition Fees

M.A. in Leadership $623/sem. hr.
M.A. in Educational Leadership $623/sem. hr.
Certificate in Educational Leadership $675/sem. hr.
Certificate in Leadership $675/sem. hr.

Registration Deposit

A $300 deposit is due on March 15 for students entering either the May or July summer cohorts. This is fully refundable, if notice is received no later than one month prior to the commencement of classes. After that, the entire registration fee is forfeited if the applicant does not enrol for that year’s courses. When students register in summer courses, the deposit applies towards their tuition payment.

Registration and Payment Schedule

Course Online Registration Open Payment Date
First May cohort course March 9—April 1 First Friday in April
Second May cohort course March 9—April 1 June 15
Both July courses May 1—June 1 June 15
First fall course July 1—August 1 First Friday in August
Second fall course (if applicable) July 1—August 1 October 15th
Winter courses October 1—November 1 First Friday in December
Spring courses October 1—November 1 February 15th
  • This flexible schedule allows students to pay only for those courses in which they are enrolled. It is always to the students’ financial advantage to complete the program in 27 months, but if students choose to distribute their period of study beyond that time, the fee per semester hour for that enrolment year applies.
  • Students wishing to take individual courses may do so with the director’s permission, if space is available, at the current per semester hour rate, payable two weeks prior to the beginning of the course. This payment is non-refundable, should the student withdraw for reasons other than medical ones.
  • More program fee information is available from the Graduate Admissions Office.

Additional Fees

  1. Laboratory Fee — LDRS 502 requires an Omada Teambuilding fee of $75
  2. Support Program for Non-Native English Speakers — To promote learning success by M.A. Leadership graduate students who do not have English as their native or primary language, TWU provides a Graduate English Language Support program (GELS). Applicants with scores below 260 CBT or 105 iBT may be required to enter the GELS program for at least the first three semesters (one year) of their graduate program. There is an additional fee of $250 for each credit hour of the graduate program during this first year. After three semesters the student may exit the GELS program with the approval of the program director if their English language skills are deemed adequate.

    Students who may require the GELS program need to arrive on campus one week prior to their initial on-campus summer courses for the M.A. program. Upon arrival, students are evaluated to determine their needs in the GELS program. Based on the student’s skill level revealed in those tests, and upon the recommendation of the program director, a student may be excused from enrolling in the GELS program. The program director may request that students with substantial need for GELS make plans to reside in the local area for the first year of the graduate program to facilitate this help.
  3. Health/Accident Fees — Students are required to maintain their own health and accident insurance while attending the University. Proof of medical insurance is required at registration.
  4. Housing — Limited space is available for the one-month, on-campus summer graduate studies students. Contact the Housing Office ( for an application form. Approximate costs for housing are $175/week for a one-bedroom apartment. The cafeteria is available for students to purchase meals.
  5. Graduate Student Fees — $3 per semester hour.

Miscellaneous fees

  1. Continuous Registration — Students are required to maintain registration throughout their enrolment at Trinity Western. Students who have completed all their course work are required to register for Continuing Status each semester until they submit the final copy of their Major Project. All successive semesters required to complete the project should be registered as Course #695. The program must be completed within five years of beginning it.

    Note: Students are responsible to register for Continuing Status (e.g., #695) by the end of the first week of each semester (e.g., September, January, and May). If a student does not register for Continuing Status by then, the program director reserves the right to register the student for Continuing Status and the student will be charged a late registration fee of $50 over and above the Continuation Fee

    Summer Continuation Status fee $395/semester

    Fall and spring Continuation Status fee $835/semester
  2. Leave of Absence — In extenuating circumstances (medical crisis, job changes, etc.), students must register for Leave of Absence - Course #000. There is no cost incurred during a leave of absence. All Leave of Absence registrations require the signature of the program director and should be negotiated directly with him or her. When students resume their project work, they return to the Continuing Status registration (#695).
  3. Transcripts — $10 for each copy ordered. Payment by cash, certified cheque, or money order is required before the University can issue the transcript. If there is any outstanding indebtedness to the University, degree parchments and transcripts are not released until such matters have been cleared with the Office of the Registrar.
  4. Returned Cheque — $25 (regardless of reason).
  5. Registration Changes — Adding a Course: A course can be added during the first two weeks of a semester incurring the cost of tuition only. An administration fee is levied on course additions after the first two weeks in the semester. Late course additions can only be processed with the approval of the program director. Withdrawal from a Course: Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the M.A. Leadership program or semester courses after completing registration and those whose withdrawal is approved by the program director are granted refunds as outlined below. Requests for withdrawal must be in writing and signed by the student.
  6. Tuition Fees Refund — On Campus Classes: During the first day of classes, full refund of tuition charges is made less a $500 withdrawal fee. No refunds after the first day of classes.

    Online Classes: During the first two weeks of classes, 75 per cent refund. No refund after two weeks.

    Note: Calculation of the refund depends upon the date of receipt of the withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar.
  7. Late Payment — There is a late payment charge of $50. Interest on overdue payments is at 18 per cent per annum.
  8. Payment Options

    Students can apply to pay for the program by credit card. Contact the Office of the Registrar ( to take advantage of this option. This option includes a finance fee.

    M.A. in Leadership Grading Policy

    Letter Grade Percentage Grade Point A+ 95–100 4.3 Exceptionally well-reasoned, compelling development of position. Makes an original contribution and is potentially publishable.

    A 90–94 4.0 Well-argued and convincing development of position. Notably appropriate examples. Excellent insight, critical, analytic and evaluative ability, and creativity.

    A- 85–89 3.7 Thorough and plausible development of position. Skillful incorporation of personal vision as well as of references and resources. Very good examples. Very good insight, analytic and evaluative ability, and creativity.

    B+ 80–84 3.3 Proficient development of position. Appropriate incorporation of personal vision as well as of references and resources. Relevant examples. Good quality insight, analytic and evaluative ability, and creativity. Clear and correct style and language usage.

    B 75–79 3.0 Competent development of position, but possibly with some gaps and/or limitations. Satisfactory incorporation of personal vision as well as of references and resources. Satisfactory examples. Generally satisfactory style and language usage, but possibly with some minor flaws.

    B- 70–74 2.7 Passable but unimpressive development of position. Position not completely consistent with personal vision or references and resources not taken fully into account or examples are basic or not completely convincing. Overall quality shows noticeable deficiencies.

    C <70 2.0 Unacceptable work at graduate level. Shows lack of understanding and/or competence in several of the criteria described above.

    This grade is a failing grade at the graduate level; students receiving a “C” course grade are required to retake the course.

    P = Pass (not calculated into cumulative GPA)

    F = Failure and 0 Grade Points (GP); Used in pass/fail courses.

    Failure at a graduate level is anything below B-.

    Note: Faculty members choosing to not adopt this system are obliged to indicate their alternative grading system on their course syllabus.

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