Trinity Western University

Graduate Program in Leadership (M.A.) and in Educational Leadership (M.A.)

Graduation Requirements

A participant who completes all requirements described on the program checklist is permitted to graduate. Graduation occurs during the first October/November after completion of all required course work and the ePortfolio. These must be completed by the end of August to be a full participant in the October/November graduation.

Foundational Courses: 15 sem. hrs. comprised of
4 courses (12 sem. hrs) on-campus in either July or August sessions
1 course Online (3 sem. hrs) in June or July

Online Specialization Stream: 15 sem. hrs. (offerings cycled over two years)

Scholarly Inquiry Course: 3 sem. hrs.

Major Project ePortfolio: 3 sem. hrs. (or Internship 696eP in special circumstances. Must be arranged with the director to a total of 6 sem. hrs. with a major project of no less than 3 sem. hrs. of Directed Studies 680D)

Every learner admitted joins a cohort of learners which is assigned an EDOG (expected date of graduation) for either 26 months or 36 months completion. Continuation fees will be applied for learners who are not completed courses and major project after three years.



  • All students must take the on-campus program courses.
  • To have degrees designated with a specialty, students must choose one of the five specializations and complete 12 sem. hrs. in that stream. Subject to the stream coordinator’s approval, students may choose one course outside of their specialization and still qualify for a specialty degree. If no specialty is required, students may select any five courses outside of Health Care and Education courses.
  • Directed Studies may be available through arrangements with the director.



Program Checklists and Requirements:

MA in Leadership

MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin

MA in Educational Leadership

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