Trinity Western University

Graduate Program in Nursing (M.S.N.)


Dr. Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Director

The Master of Science in Nursing program serves TWU’s mission of developing godly Christian leaders for the various marketplaces of life. Nurses with graduate preparation provide leadership locally, nationally, and globally to meet humanity’s most basic and pressing needs in the realm of health and illness. This program prepares nursing leaders to serve in key nursing education, advanced practice, and health care leadership positions.

The objectives of the program are to prepare graduates who are able to:

  1. Apply thoughtful Christian perspectives to nursing practice;
  2. Enact a vision and mission for values-based leadership;
  3. Enact an enhanced professional role based on specialized knowledge and expertise in nursing education, administration, and practice;
  4. Advance nursing scholarship in practice that is informed by sound evidence;
  5. Promote ethically responsible health care and health-related policy;
  6. Relate historical, academic, social, and political influences to health and nursing;
  7. Qualify for entrance into doctoral studies.

Graduates who choose a focus on Nursing Education are prepared to step into the many current and upcoming faculty and clinical supervision positions in baccalaureate nursing programs. Graduates who choose a focus on Nursing Leadership have integrated interdisciplinary nursing knowledge—about health promotion, patient responses to illness, interpersonal communication, population health and the social contexts of health and illness—and emerging knowledge about health care organizations and leadership theory. TWU M.S.N. graduates are in a unique position to provide highly effective leadership to today’s changing, complex health care environments. The electives in Advanced Nursing Practice with the Older Adult reflect a social responsiveness to the demographic trend of an aging population and prepare nurses for various advanced practice positions.

Note: This program is offered under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education effective April 28, 2008 having undergone a quality assessment process and been found to meet the criteria established by the minister. Nevertheless, prospective students are responsible for satisfying themselves that the program and the degree will be appropriate to meeting their needs (for example, acceptable to potential employers, professional licensing bodies, or other educational institutions).

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