Trinity Western University

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Biblical Studies

Department of Religious Studies

Dr. Craig D. Allert, Chair

The Department of Religious Studies offers:

  1. An honours program in Biblical Studies, leading to a B.A. (Honours) degree;
  2. A major in Biblical Studies leading to a B.A. degree;
  3. A concentration;
  4. A minor.

Students in Biblical Studies will be challenged to obey the Bible’s life-changing precepts—both personally and as part of the community of Christ—through application of biblical knowledge to culture and contemporary society. Students are taught by a faculty of committed, well-educated, and responsible evangelical scholars who seek to model the essentials of a biblical worldview and lifestyle. As students mature in their studies, they will gain a deep understanding of the biblical text and/or the historic Christian faith. Biblical study should never be approached purely objectively. God is to be encountered, not just discussed; and the Scriptures are to be obeyed, not just read. As students grow in their ability to apply scholarly tools to the text, faculty will encourage them to ask, “How does the passage I’m studying apply to my life?” The students’ maturing biblical comprehension will contribute to a deeper Christian understanding of their studies.

Note: All Religious Studies courses with a second digit of 0 to 5 are regarded as biblical content course. Courses with a second digit of 6 to 9 are regarded as non-biblical content courses.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Honours Program in Biblical Studies, B.A. (Honours) degree;

Major in Biblical Studies, B.A. degree;

Concentration and Minor in Biblical Studies

Programs, Activities, and Facilities

Dead Sea Scrolls Institute — The Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University promotes research in the Qumran scrolls, many of which have been made public only recently. Among them are the oldest manuscripts of the Old Testament and many Jewish documents that shed light on the context of Jesus and the early church. The Institute hosts regular symposia that share the fruits of this research with the public. These proceedings are published in the Department’s series, Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature.

Holy Land Tours — Every other year the Department offers a tour of Israel, which may include Egypt, Jordan, or Greece. Students can take the tour as part of Biblical Archaeology (RELS 350) to receive academic credit. This enables students to see the sites and ancient texts related to the Bible. And, by being in the land of the Bible, they discover how the Bible itself is a living document.

The Geneva Chair for Reformational Worldview Studies — The Geneva Society for Reformational Worldview Studies has endowed a special chair at Trinity Western University. The current appointee to the chair is Michael Goheen, Ph.D., Professor of Religious and Worldview Studies. Dr. Goheen is involved in teaching courses in worldview studies as well as in researching how Christian worldview thinking can impact society.

The Geneva Society promotes a biblically inspired perspective on life and a worldview based on the story of God’s redemption of the world in Jesus Christ. The Society’s roots are in the Reformed Protestant tradition. Besides endowing a chair, the Society also organizes popular lectures for students and the public. These lectures address basic and contemporary questions that Christians face in today’s world. For more information, visit

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