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European Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Kelsey Haskett, Coordinator

This major is designed for students who are keenly interested in Europe, in particular those who are drawn by its rich cultural heritage and its changing dynamics on the social, political, and spiritual levels. Bringing together European language, history, and cultural courses provides a focus for this interest and is intended to prepare students to play significant roles in Europe or in international settings relating to Europe. Understanding Europe represents, moreover, a critical factor in understanding North America, because much of North American culture is rooted and grounded in European civilization, including ideas on government, human dignity, and human rights. Learning about the historic presence of Christianity in Europe and the ways in which it permeated European society for centuries, as well as its rejection in more modern times, is also significant for Christians wanting to engage their faith in today’s world. Graduates with this major would seek careers in international organizations, business, missions, teaching, overseas journalism, diplomatic work, research, and other fields pertaining to Europe.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Multidisciplinary Major in European Studies, B.A. Degree

The European Studies major consists of courses focusing on various areas of European studies, with three streams:

Multidisciplinary Major in European Studies - Language Stream

Multidisciplinary Major in European Studies - History Stream

Multidisciplinary Major in European Studies - English Literature and Fine Arts Stream

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