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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Jens Zimmermann, Coordinator

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a multidisciplinary major in Humanities, leading to a B.A. degree. The humanities are about people—their ideas, beliefs, values, and self-expression. Humanities students learn to appreciate their cultural heritage and to discern what is important when weighed against Christian values. They gain a new perspective on the nature of humanity—the God-given capacity to pursue truth, to create beauty, and to do good, as well as a capacity for evil. The faculty who teach in this area encourage the development of an informed spiritual and intellectual maturity. Foundations in the humanities contribute to the fulfilment and enjoyment of life.

This program is designed for students with general interest in the humanities, rather than for those who wish to specialize in one discipline. The course combination is designed to familiarize students with the role of the humanities and with the abiding questions concerning human society and its purpose within the current Western and global cultural context.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Multidisciplinary Major in Humanities, B.A. Degree

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