Trinity Western University

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Department of Philosophy

Dr. Grant Havers, Chair

The Department of Philosophy offers:

  1. An honours program in Philosophy
  2. A major in Philosophy leading to a B.A. degree;
  3. A concentration;
  4. A minor.

Philosophy, which means “the love of wisdom,” is the rational quest for the most meaningful and truthful visions of reality, involving critical, creative, and sometimes iconoclastic questioning of conventional assumptions about knowledge, human action, religion, and the nature of reality. Students who take degrees in Philosophy have their logical and critical skills both challenged and improved, as they explore the writings of past thinkers whose ideas have shaped the tradition of the West, and engage in bringing what they learn to bear creatively on some of the most significant problems contemporary cultures around the world face.

Philosophy offers excellent tools for understanding and evaluating ideas, and provides a first-rate background (particularly in Christian apologetics and ethics) for law school and theological training. Philosophy majors and minors have gone on to succeed in a variety of disciplines and professions, including business, law, politics, and education.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Honours program in Philosophy, B.A. (Honours) Degree

Major in Philosophy, B.A. Degree

Concentration and Minor in Philosophy

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