Trinity Western University

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences


Department of Chemistry

Dr. Craig D. Montgomery, Chair

The Department of Chemistry offers:

  1. An honours program in Chemistry, leading to a B.Sc. (Honours) degree;
  2. A major in Chemistry, leading to a B.Sc. degree;
  3. A concentration;
  4. A minor.

Chemistry plays an integral role in the professional preparation of the science student. Graduates of our Chemistry program have found many career opportunities, including advancement into management levels in technology-based industries.

Chemistry is a basic foundation to careers in research, industry, the health sciences, and the environment. The Honours program and the program for graduate school preparation enable a student to continue to an advanced research degree. For industry, students should supplement their program with Business courses. For health sciences, the Chemistry major (Life Sciences Emphasis program) provides the prerequisite background.

Within the individual Chemistry courses, there is ample opportunity for breadth of preparation in theory and practice. Following the introduction of general principles and laboratory skills, courses are provided in analytical, organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry as well as biochemistry. Fourth year students may do independent projects in chemical problems encountered in testing, research, and development.

The Chemistry Department, located in the Neufeld Science Centre, features new and up-to-date laboratories and equipment. Advanced students are given opportunities to develop their teaching and leadership skills by acting as teaching assistants in first year laboratories under the supervision of a faculty member.

Program Checklists and Requirements:

Honours Program in Chemistry, B.Sc. (Honours) Degree

Major in Chemistry, B.Sc. Degree - General Program

Major in Chemistry, B.Sc. Degree - Grad School Preparation

Major in Chemistry, B.Sc. Degree - Life Sciences

Concentration and Minor in Chemistry

Au Sable Institute Courses

As a service to Biology and Chemistry majors with an interest in environmental studies, several 300 or 400 level courses are available for credit to Trinity Western students through the Au Sable Institute for Environmental Studies in Washington state, the Great Lakes area, Florida, Africa, and India. These are intensive courses taught primarily during the spring and summer and offer a distinct Christian perspective on the environment. See the Office of the Registrar for tuition rates. Some financial assistance for travel and housing is available from the Au Sable Institute. See course listings under Environmental Studies. Full details can be obtained from the co-coordinator of the Environmental Studies program.

Combined Chemistry and Business majors

This combination is ideal for those seeking managerial positions in a technological industry. However, it is demanding and may require five years of study. Consult the deans in both areas for details.

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