Trinity Western University

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences


Natural Sciences students are challenged to live a Christ-centered life while developing a high degree of competence in their specialty. Students learn to apply biblical understanding to scientific issues of today, developing their own answers to many of the ethical issues facing our highly technological society. Students may choose from programs and course work in Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Environmental Studies, Information Systems, Physical Geography, Geology, Mathematics (pure and applied), and Physics, including well-supervised and up-to-date laboratory experience. The Natural Sciences faculty are capable and committed professors who teach their discipline with a deep love for Christ and an awareness of His claim on their lives. They keep abreast of new scientific thought and discovery, and as teachers, are expected to continuously advance in their field of expertise as well as in the application of scriptural truth to their discipline. Natural Sciences students learn an appreciation for scriptural truth and its relevance to scientific issues of today. The faculty emphasizes that knowledge of our created world is possible only because all things are held together through Christ.

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