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School of Business


The School of Business is a unique professional school that provides teaching in the conventional disciplines but does so through the eyes of faith and servant leadership.

The School of Business supports and promotes the core values of Trinity Western University:

  • Obeying the authority of Scripture: The notion of biblical stewardship and biblical values such as integrity, justice, compassion, and respect for the dignity of humans provide the framework for all activities in the School of Business. The School wholeheartedly embraces all that Scripture teaches in regard to faith and a responsible way of life.
  • Pursuing faith-based and faith-affirming leadership: The School gives fair and balanced representations of a wide diversity of business theories and practices, evaluating them from a biblical standpoint. It integrates theory, reflection, and practical experience.
  • Having a transformational impact on culture: The School not only prepares students to have an impact on the marketplace after program completion, but also provides marketplace involvement for students while enrolled: mentoring experiences, co-op/internship programs, partnerships with business organizations, consulting opportunities, etc. The School intends students and graduates to be “salt and light” as they undertake business-related pursuits.
  • Servant leadership as a way of life: The School helps business students and leaders to motivate and mobilize others to accomplish tasks and think with creativity, integrity, and skill. The School encourages leaders who work with and invest in others for the benefit of the common good.
  • Growing as and making disciples: The School teaches people to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ and provides them with a model for a Christian way of life as they are engaged in business activities.
  • Striving for excellence: The School sets high standards and vigorously pursues them in all its programs—standards that are acknowledged as worthy of pursuit by both the business and the Canadian university communities. This includes the goal of excellence in whole-person development, an excellence that glorifies and pleases God.

Today, it is widely recognized that successful business leadership requires character development as well as practical and theoretical expertise. The School of Business offers courses designed to develop students’ skills in communication, problem-solving, goal-setting, team building, ethical decision-making, and many other abilities necessary for business life. Faculty members also encourage students to evaluate the theories, practices, and problems of modern business in light of biblical principles. Such evaluation enables students to form a distinctly Christian worldview, well suited to dealing with the ethical, moral, and human issues that are increasingly encountered in contemporary business and economic life.

Students interact with faculty members who have excellent academic backgrounds, relevant business experience, and a commitment to a biblical view of the marketplace. To provide additional enrichment to students’ studies, the School solicits the help of outside advisors and guest speakers who share their expertise and experience. The School also maintains close liaison with professional organizations such as the British Columbia Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Financial Planners Standards Council, ensuring an educational experience that is consistent with current standards and requirements.

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