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Undergraduate Tuition and Student Fees

Tuition Fees

Rates are reviewed annually and go into effect May 1st.

Information regarding Tuition Fees can be found at the following link

*all funds quoted in CDN currency

Since the programs and policies of the University are under continual review, the right is reserved to change the schedule of fees and charges without notice.


$684 per semester hour.

$584 per semester hour if payment is made in full before April 1, early payment deadline (Does not apply to Travel, Directed Studies & Private Music Lessons; TWU Extension, Graduate or Seminary students.)


0.5 - 3 semester hours $343 / sem. hr.

3.5 or more sem. hrs. $684 / sem. hr.

The following are tuition totals for selected enrolment levels:

  • 9 sem. hrs.   $6156
  • 12 sem. hrs. $8208
  • 15 sem. hrs. $10,260
  • 18 sem. hrs. $10,944

Students taking more than 15 semester hours are entitled to the 16th and 17th hours at no additional charge. Any semester hours taken over 17 are charged at the regular rate.

The 50% rate ($343) is only available to undergraduate students taking three or fewer semester hours in the Fall or Spring semesters. Undergraduate students enrolled in more than 3 semester hours will pay the full rate for all their semester hours.

Students who wish to take more than 19 semester hours require the approval from the Dean of the Faculty/School in which the student is studying.

Audit Fee $234 / sem. hr.

Additional Class fees may apply. See Timetable for more information.


Cost per semester:

Program Fee (includes tuition and housing) $13,850
Student Association Fee $98
Student Activity Fee $61
Total: $14,009


$724 per semester hour
Student Association Fee $98
Student Activity Fee $61
Security Deposit $100

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