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Andrea Ribey, Director of Community Life for International Programs

Nearly 30 countries are represented in the TWU's student body. International students are found throughout the community, in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program, and at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. International and ESL students contribute to the diversity of the TWU community, helping enrich every student’s education.

International Student Programs (ISP) serves as a voice for the international student population. ISP provides orientation and support to international students, assisting them in their transition to life in Canada. This bridge between North American and international students serves to heighten campus awareness by advocating for equity where differences and tensions may arise. ISP provides activities and a home-away-from-home atmosphere for international and poly-cultural students as well as missionary kid students (MKs) who face transition challenges returning to North American culture. An established language partner program provides ESL students the opportunity to practice English. In addition, numerous programs, formal and informal, provide cross-cultural exchange and increased global awareness on campus. Currently there are three international Fellowship Groups available to students who wish to study the Bible and fellowship in their native tongue: Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. The Globe, an international student centre, is a popular gathering point for cross-cultural integration and interaction.

Other special services, programs, and opportunities for international students include:

  • Monthly activities (both on and off campus) that provide international students a safe and structured environment to build relationships with other international and non-international students.
  • Mu Kappa ministry for missionary kids—a network of international students that provides support to those who’ve grown up in a missionary or third culture environment. Regular activities include visiting a faculty member’s home, Bible studies, worship nights, and off-campus outings.
  • Regular orientation seminars geared towards addressing the needs of international students
  • Re-entry preparation and support for international students who will return to their home countries
  • English International Bible Study that teaches the foundation of Christianity for international students who are exploring Christianity or who are new in their faith

For guidelines regarding the TWU community, living in residence and University policies, refer to the Trinity Western University Student Handbook

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