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Student Ministries

Outreach and Evangelism

Outreach and evangelism programs provide students with practical opportunities to demonstrate Christ's love to others and share their faith.

There are a variety of on- and off-campus volunteer opportunities, including serving with organizations in the inner city, children's programs, seniors’ visitation, street evangelism using drama, and helping the disenfranchised. There are also several on-campus groups that attend to the needs of the University community.

Foundational to the goal of these programs is an understanding that “outreach is within reach.” Outreach is with in reach because the opportunities to love our neighbor are all around us—and because outreach results in our inner transformation. Through these experiences, students will learn how to apply the skills and knowledge gained at TWU for the service of others in practical and tangible ways.

These student-powered and student-initiated programs are open to everyone. While each opportunity requires a unique set of gifts and abilities – all offer the opportunity to both bring change and be changed.

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