Trinity Western University

Grading Practices

Standard Grades

Trinity Western professors base undergraduate grades on the following descriptors:

A: Outstanding, excellent work
B: Good, competent work
C: Adequate, reasonably satisfactory work
D: Minimally acceptable work
F: Inadequate work

The University-wide system of percentage equivalents is shown in the table below. Faculty members may deviate from this scale; however, if they do so, they must indicate, in their course syllabus, the percentage equivalency system they use.

Letter Grade Percentage Grade Point
A+ 90–100 4.3
A 85–89 4.0
A- 80–84 3.7
B+ 77–79 3.3
B 73–76 3.0
B- 70–72 2.7
C+ 67–69 2.3
C 63–66 2.0
C- 60–62 1.7
D+ 57–59 1.3
D 53–56 1.0
D- 50–52 0.7
F Below 50 0
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