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Co-Operative Education

Definition of Work Term

Appropriate work opportunities are identified by either the Co-op program or by students according to the following criteria:

  • Each work site is to be approved by the Co-op program coordinator as a suitable learning and working situation;
  • The student is to be engaged in productive work rather than merely observing;
  • The student is to receive remuneration for the work performed;
  • The student’s progress on the job is to be monitored by the Co-op program coordinator and evaluated by the employer;
  • The student is to complete a work term report at the end of each work term;
  • The Associate Director for the Career Development Office must approve all Co-op work terms before they commence. Registration for each work term must be submitted by the add/drop date for each semester.

Students are allowed to complete a maximum of five work terms using the following course numbers which indicate the level of the work term (e.g., COOP 110 for the first work term): COOP 110, 210, 310, 410, 420. Registration forms can be obtained online at

These courses are listed on a student’s transcript with a Pass/Fail notation. Upon successful completion of the Co-op work terms and Career Prep 100, students receive a Co-op Certificate. Failure to successfully complete a Co-op work term terminates participation in the Co-operative Education Program.

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