Trinity Western University

Summit Pacific College

SPC-TWU Joint Program

This joint program enables students to take the first two years at Summit Pacific College and the final two years at TWU. Each institution offers several courses on the other institution’s campus during the four-year degree. TWU grants the B.A. in General Studies.

B.A. in General Studies (TWU)

First and Second Year at Summit Pacific College (60 sem. hrs.)

1.1 Concentration in Biblical Studies

Sem. hrs.
BIBL 113 Hermeneutics 3
BIBL 114 Pentateuch 3
BIBL 115 Gospels 3
BIBL 211 Historical Literature 3
BIBL 212 Acts of the Apostles 3
BIBL 311 Pauline Literature 3
THEO 421 New Testament Theology 3
THEO 422 Old Testament Theology 3
Total: 24

plus TWU RELS electives (300 and 400 level)* (6)

1.2 Christianity and Culture**

Sem. hrs.
RELS 131 Introduction to Spiritual Issues 3
RELS 132 Cross-cultural Studies 3
RELS 133 Religious Conversion in a Multi-Faith Society 3
RELS 134 Apologetics 3
Total: 12

1.3 History

Sem. hrs.
HIST 112 History of the Pentecostal Church 3

1.4 Open Electives (21 sem. hrs.)

from approved university-equivalent courses such as:

Sem. hrs.
BIBL 214 Major Prophets 3
BIBL 313 Psalms 3
BIBL 314 Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament 3
BIBL 316 Eschatological Literature 3
THEO 321 Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit 3
THEO 323 Christology 3

plus one additional BIBL or THEO elective (3 sem. hrs.)

Second and Third Year Studies at Trinity Western University (62 sem. hrs.)

2.1 Core Requirements

(See Graduation Requirements section, particularly for further details on core requirements.)

Sem. hrs.
ENGL 103, 104 6
Fine Arts, Media and Culture 3
Philosophy 3
History 3
Natural Science (including one lab science course) 6
Religious Studies
(300 or 400 level, for concentration)
Society and Culture 3
Human Kinetics 4
Interdisciplinary Studies (400 level) 3

2.2 Elective

Total: 38

2.3 Minor (24 sem. hrs.)

In fields such as English, History, Psychology, and Sociology.

Total minimum required for a TWU bachelor’s degree is 122 sem. hrs., of which 42 sem. hrs. must be 300 or 400 level courses.

*TWU concentration (30 sem. hrs.) in Biblical Studies requires that a minimum of half of the upper level requirements (i.e., 6 sem. hrs. of the 12) be taken at TWU.

**Courses in this category count towards a TWU degree as part of this program only. They are not transferable otherwise.

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This page contains official TWU academic program information.