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Course Descriptions


  • CHIN 101, 102 Chinese Language and Culture (3, 3 sem. hrs.)

    A basic introduction to Mandarin Chinese for students with no previous knowledge of either Mandarin or Cantonese. The courses focus on speaking and listening comprehension, but also introduce reading and writing. With Chinese culture as a major component, students gain insight into the significance of China today and over the centuries.

    Prerequisite(s): None; CHIN 101 is a prerequisite for CHIN 102. (3-1; 3-1)

  • CHIN 201, 202 Intermediate Chinese I & II (3, 3 sem. hrs.)

    These courses develop students’ Chinese language skills and provide them with further insight into Chinese culture and history. With an emphasis on improving communication skills, the courses offer extensive practice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students read various authentic texts, review and study grammar, and expand their cultural understanding through readings, film, and discussion with the instructor. A field trip to the Chinese community enables students to practise their language skills and experience Chinese culture firsthand.

    Prerequisite(s): CHIN 102 or permission for CHIN 201;: CHIN 201 FOR CHIN 202

  • CHIN 301, 302 (3, 3 sem. hrs.)

    These courses are intended to further improve students’ Chinese language skills and to expand their understanding of the Chinese culture and history. With an emphasis on both spoken and written Chinese, the courses help students enlarge their Chinese vocabulary, improve their speaking skills, enhance their understanding of Chinese grammar, and develop their writing skills in Chinese. Through reading authentic Chinese texts of increasing difficulty, students gain a greater mastery of the language and a better understanding of Chinese culture.

    Prerequisite(s): CHIN 202 for CHIN 301; CHIN 301 for CHIN 302

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