Trinity Western University

Course Descriptions


    • GERM 101, 102 Introduction to German (3, 3 sem. hrs.)

      An introduction to German for those with no previous knowledge of the language. Course includes intensive practice in both spoken and written German, as well as cultural content. Integrated laboratory program.

      Prerequisite(s): None for GERM 101; GERM 101 is a prerequisite for 102. (3-1; 3-1)

    • GERM 201, 202 Intermediate German (3, 3 sem. hrs.)

      An intermediate language course designed to develop the student's fluency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension. Grammar and composition are systematically reviewed, and students are introduced to German literature and culture through short fiction, as well as excerpts from documents and articles.

      NB: Not offered every year. See Department chair.

      Prerequisite(s): GERM 101, 102 or equivalent. (3-1; 3-1)

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