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Interdisciplinary Studies

    • IDIS 393 Law, Public Policy, and Cultural Change (3 sem. hrs.)

      The historical and contemporary debate in Canada on what constitutes culture and our contemporary cultural challenges; how Christians interface with that culture and the role of organized religion; Christian critique of culture and the methodologies and perspectives of various entities that seek to influence culture. Observe firsthand how Canadian culture is formed within the Ottawa setting in their discipline.

      NB: This course is an approved alternative to IDIS 400.

      Cross-listed: POLS 393.

      Prerequisite(s): Admission into Laurentian Leadership Centre. (3-0 or 3-0)

    • IDIS 400 Developing a Christian Worldview (3 sem. hrs.)

      This is an interdisciplinary studies course that addresses a topic of significance and contemporary concern. Faculty from several disciplines participate, as well as others who have expertise in the topic but who are not faculty members at TWU.

      NB: This course is a University core requirement for all degrees, although approved alternatives may be taken. Offered in the fall semester every year.

      Prerequisite(s): Third or fourth year standing and completion of at least 70 sem. hrs. of study by end of preceding semester. (3-0; 0-0)

    • IDIS 410 Influencing the Changing Workplace: An Interdisciplinary Christian Perspective (3 sem. hrs.)

      This course motivates students to explore ways in which they can have an impact for God's kingdom in a rapidly changing world economic environment. It gives students the opportunity to integrate disciplines in the liberal arts and religious studies, as well as business administration and economics, so as to provide them with a biblically-based worldview and set of strategies for influencing the workplace in which they are called by God to serve.

      NB: This is an approved alternative to IDIS 400.

      Prerequisite(s): Completion of at least 84 sem. hrs. of study by end of preceding semester. The course is required for Business majors; non-Business students with the minimum prerequisite are welcome. (3-0 or 3-0)

    • IDIS 420 Arts, Media and Culture London Travel Study

      A three-week interdisciplinary fine arts study trip to London, England, in which students critically engage culture and the fine arts. Visits to galleries, performances, and cultural sites accompany lectures and readings to encourage students to develop and deepen their biblically-informed view of the role of fine arts. While most course activities take place in London proper, several day trips to surrounding locations are included.

      NB: Summer travel study course. This course is for students wishing to take this course for credit. It meets both the Fine Arts and IDIS 400 equivalent core requirements (provided students choose this as their "double-counted" core requirement) although the total credits for the course is 3 sem. hrs. No prior courses in Art, Theatre, or Music are necessary. Another course, often Music 310, is offered on the travel study.

      Cross-listed: SAMC 420.

      Prerequisite(s): 70 sem. hrs. of study and permission of the instructor.

    • IDIS 430 Christian Values in a Global Community (3 sem. hrs.)

      This course explores the nature and scope of a Christian worldview by means of a three-week interdisciplinary study trip to Geneva and Rome. Specifically, the course explores historical and contemporary religious and international issues – such as ecumenical dialogue, human rights, world hunger and refugees – through the perspective of church and governmental agencies based in these two cities.

      NB: Summer travel study course. This is an approved alternative to IDIS 400.

      Prerequisite(s): 70 sem. hrs. of study and permission of the instructor.

    • IDIS 440 Perspectives within the Global Sport Community (3 sem. hrs.)

      This course explores the nature and scope of worldview perspectives by means of an interdisciplinary study trip. Specifically, the course explores historical and contemporary sport and international issues such as elite training, sportsmanship, drugs and sport, coaching, etc. The course seeks to establish some of the historical, religious, philosophical, and art ties between the relative culture and sports and to relate these values and practices to our Western culture. By exposing students to theory and practical experience related to major global sporting events, the course attempts to assist students to understand the importance of thinking about an issue from an interdisciplinary viewpoint and integrating knowledge into a comprehensive worldview. This is an approved alternative to IDIS 400.

      NB: Summer travel study course. This is an approved alternative to IDIS 400.

    • IDIS 450 Transformational Development and Leadership (3 sem. hrs.)

      The course provides opportunity for the articulation of transformational leadership (both cultural and personal). Students become wise to effective leadership communication as they examine worldview, history, and economic challenges in various global regions.

      This course explores underlying cultural and faith-based worldviews by means of an interdisciplinary travel study. Specifically, the course explores social and humanitarian responses to critical social issues. Through readings, lectures (including field practitioners and experts), and field experiences, students are exposed to the complex nature of human problems and societal responses.

      Students seek to understand critical social issues in light of cultural, environmental, economic, political, and historical frameworks. Of particular interest is the manner in which religious worldview shapes one's response to the disadvantaged, and how the transformational model informs leadership behaviour and the development process.

      NB: This course functions as an alternative to IDIS 400. For the Kenya travel study, students may take this alone or as a second course.

      Cross-listed: COMM 451.

      Prerequisite(s): Upper level standing (minimum of 70 sem. hrs.) and instructor’s consent.

    • IDIS 495 Critical Issues in Education and Culture (3 sem. hrs.)

      A consideration and analysis of selected critical concerns in education that link and interact with broad issues in culture and society. The course emphasizes how worldview thinking across various disciplines affects societal approaches to questions such as religion and ethics in the schools, the influence of technology and media on education, and plurality and choice in schooling.

      NB: Approved alternative to IDIS 400; required for all Education students.

      Cross-listed: EDUC 495.

      Prerequisite(s): EDUC 203; fourth year standing; minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. (3-0; 0-0)

    • Other courses that are approved alternatives to IDIS 400:

      CMPT/ISYS 480 Ethical and Social Issues in High Technology

      HIST 411 History, Culture, and Interpreting the Past

      MATH 480 Foundations of Mathematical Sciences

      NATS 487 Developing a Christian Worldview in the Natural and Applied Sciences

      NATS 490 Seminar: Christianity and the Natural Sciences

      NB: NATS 487 and 490 must be taken together to be considered equivalent to IDIS 400.

      PSYC 490 Personhood: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the Individual

      RELS 476 Christian Worldviews in Historical and Cultural Context

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