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Admission Types

Full Admission — This classification requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and fulfillment of all the admission requirements outlined under program information.

Advanced Standing — This classification admits students with graduate credits or graduate degrees from other programs. Applicants with advanced standing need to provide evidence of equivalence, such as a course syllabus, to transfer credits received at another accredited institution. All petitions for transfer credits must be sent to the relevant graduate director for approval. The maximum possible transfer credits into a graduate program is 30 semester hours; however,the specific amount of transfer credit is determined on an individual basis by the program director. Courses with less than a B- grade and thesis work are not eligible for transfer credit.

Conditional Admission — For this classification, students are admitted with the understanding that they need to make up certain deficiencies prior to full admission. The student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 for these prerequisite courses, as outlined in their admissions letter.

Unclassified Standing — There are situations where, for various reasons, individuals may wish to take specific courses without actually entering a graduate program. In this case, a person may apply for unclassified standing and, with the approval of the program director, may take up to four graduate courses without full admission to the program. There is a simplified application process for unclassified standing, but applicants must still meet the program admission requirements. Credits earned as an unclassified student may be transferred into the program upon formal admission. If auditing a course is desired under these conditions, the approval of the course professor must be obtained.

Qualifying Studies — This admissions classification is designed for students whose undergraduate degree lacks prerequisite courses or the background necessary for admission into their chosen area of graduate studies. This admission is through the School of Graduate Studies although the courses taken are at the undergraduate level. Admission for Qualifying Studies does not imply admission to a specific graduate program. That is a separate process that the student must undertake to gain admission.

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