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Graduate Program in Counselling Psychology (M.A.)

Admission Requirements & Application Deadlines

Applicants must have completed a B.A. in Honours Psychology or an equivalent four-year program.

Applicants with a non-Psychology degree who demonstrate high academic competence and a serious commitment to pursue counselling as a profession require courses in the following undergraduate psychology areas: Introductory Psychology, Introductory Statistics, Research Design, Brain and Behaviour, Abnormal Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. In addition, applicants normally need to have successfully completed a course in basic counselling skills (offered each August at TWU as CPSY 490). Other recommended courses providing good background for professional practice include: Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Learning Theory, Psychological Testing, Marriage and the Family, and History of Psychology. Although these recommended courses are not required for entry, students without them may be at a learning disadvantage in graduate studies and may need to do extra reading. Additional background that can further strengthen preparation for graduate studies includes studies in cultural psychology and community psychology; experience as a research assistant or teaching assistant; advanced courses in research design, statistics, or neuropsychology; and familiarity with multiple languages.

The minimum GPA for admission is 3.0 (or B), based on the last two years of the B.A. (presuming these include predominantly upper level courses), and the minimum grades for four of the upper level Psychology courses must be 3.7 (or A-).

Applicants may supplement the documentation of their academic credentials by submitting their score from the GRE Aptitude Examination (General Test) or from the MAT (Miller Analogies Test). When more than five years have elapsed since their bachelor’s degree was awarded, applicants must submit either the GRE or MAT. Other applicants who would like to strengthen their application by submitting the GRE or MAT scores may do so. Trinity Western’s institutional code for score submission is 0876. Applicants who have an M.A. in research-based subfields of psychology but who wish to acquire clinical skills are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be accompanied by two references: one academic and one work/experience-related reference. The references must be written by persons who know the applicant well and can describe his or her personal qualifications for the role of a counsellor.

Applicants must supply evidence of successful work or volunteer service in a counselling-related field over a two-year period. Applicants must provide a brief description (approximately two pages long) of their reasons for wishing to pursue a master’s degree at TWU, their view of counselling processes, and their career goals. They should also describe their openness to self-examination and their commitment to personal and professional self-development during professional training and as a life-long practice. They may also want to mention their spiritual journey and personal faith. All members of TWU, including faculty, staff, and students, are required to honour the University’s Community Covenant. This code of conduct reflects the shared values of the TWU community.

The application for the program can be found online at

The MA Counselling Psychology program accepts applications twice a year. Students wishing to begin in September should apply by January 31. Students wishing to begin in January should apply by November 15. Space in the program is limited so students are encouraged to apply on time; although late applications will be accepted and placed on a waiting list as space permits.

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