Trinity Western University

Graduate School of Theological Studies

Seminary Graduation Application

  1. All students must apply to graduate by completing an application for graduation available online at
  2. The Graduation Application deadline for all seminary students is October 31.
    1. This deadline applies to all students who wish to participate in the graduation ceremony in April of the following year.
      • Students who complete their degree outside of this timeline are encouraged to apply so that a conferral and conferral date can be determined that may differ from the ceremony dates.
    2. Students who apply after this deadline will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    3. Students who may not be eligible to participate in the ceremony may still be eligible for a May 31 conferral.
  3. Students who apply for graduation on or before October 31 of each year will be deemed eligible to participate in the April graduation ceremony on the following basis:
    1. Students may have only one course remaining, after registration for the semester of graduation, to be completed in their program.M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy students are allowed an additional 4 semester hours of internship outstanding at the time of graduation.
    2. Summative projects (thesis, graduating essay or applied project) must be deemed passable by the faculty no later than March 31 of that same year.
    3. A minimum cumulative GPA is required for graduation. See specific program requirements for more information.
  4. In all cases, ALL grades must be received and posted before a student is deemed to have completed their degree. Students who are completing a thesis must submit their final edited and bound copy to the ACTS Deans office before a conferral date will be determined. The two primary conferral dates each year are May 31 and December 31.
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This page contains official TWU academic program information.