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Graduate Tuition and Student Fees 2012 - 2013

Course Additions and Withdrawals

Regular on-campus courses may be added prior to the add/drop deadline without additional costs. Online or summer courses may be added during the first two weeks of a semester. Course additions later than these dates require approval of the program director. An administration fee will be charged.

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the program or semester courses after completing registration and whose withdrawal is approved by the program director will be granted refunds as outlined below.

  1. Tuition Refunds: During the first two weeks of the semester a full refund of tuition charges will be made less a $200* withdrawal fee. During the third week of the semester, a 70 per cent refund will be issued. Refunds will decrease by 10 per cent per week over subsequent weeks with no refund after the sixth week.
    * Note: If the Office of the Registrar has provided a Confirmation of Registration Letter, the withdrawal fee is $1000.
  2. On-Campus Summer Classes: Full refund less a $500 withdrawal fee during the first day of class only. No refund thereafter.
  3. Online Classes: 75 per cent refund during first two weeks. No refund after two weeks.
    Note: Calculation of the refund depends upon the date of receipt of the withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar.
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