Trinity Western University

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences


The Faculty offers a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mathematics with Computing Science, and Biotechnology. An Honours degree is available in Biology, Biotechnology, and Chemistry. Jointly with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty offers a major in Environmental Studies. A major in General Studies with a concentration in Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics, Mathematics with Computing Science, or Physics is also available. Minors are offered in each discipline where a major or concentration is offered. A minor is also available in Information Systems. Natural Sciences students may also complete the requirements of many pre-professional programs such as agriculture, architecture, dentistry, engineering, forestry, medicine, and pharmacy. Emphases of the Natural Sciences program include:

Scientific Awareness — Scientific investigation demands sharp analytical, mathematical, observational, and laboratory skills. Faculty members help students develop an appreciation for the essentials of the scientific method and a disciplined approach to scientific investigation. Students are encouraged to approach science as a study of the intricate details of design and order inherent in creation and the resulting functional processes. The comprehensive nature of the program prepares students for entry into more advanced scientific studies at the graduate level;

The Scope and Limitations of Science — Careful attention is given to developing sound judgment as to the scope and limits of scientific enterprise. Upper level students are encouraged to expand their capacity to address the ethical issues inherent in scientific discovery;

Practical Application — Science teaches clear, logical thought and a rigorous, analytical approach to problems—valuable skills in any profession. Professors urge students to apply basic scientific principles to daily life, enabling them to adapt effectively to an increasingly technological world. Each major offers a fully integrated laboratory program. An increasing number of field courses are being offered as part of the science programs, including Marine Biology and Botany courses in Hawaii and Salt Spring Island, B.C.

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