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Recommended Guidelines for First Year Courses

The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences believes that students taking courses in the Faculty should have as many choices for entry points into the program as is consistent with providing a quality university education. Students should take note of the following 100 level courses and their prerequisites to determine which course is appropriate for them.

Labs and Tutorials

  1. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biotechnology, Geology, and Physical Geography courses have required labs that must be included in course registration.
  2. Some Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses have required tutorials that must be included in course registration.
  3. Computing Science courses have required labs that must be added after classes have started.


First year Biology students with no previous biology should take BIOL 103, 104, and 105, as well as CHEM 111 and 112 or CHEM 103, 104, or CHEM 103, 112. Those with Grade 12 Biology should take BIOL 113 and 114 as well as CHEM 111 and 112 or CHEM 103, 112. BIOL 241 and 242 are available without prerequisite for non-Biology majors and are not recommended for Biology majors. Biology students who have Grade 12 Mathematics (Principles or Pre-Calculus) should take MATH 123. Biology students with a limited background in mathematics should take MATH 105 (precalculus).


To complete a Chemistry major or minor, the following courses are normally taken in first year: CHEM 111, 112 (or CHEM 103, 104; or CHEM 103, 112); MATH 123, 124; PHYS 111, 112. Physics may be delayed to second year if necessary, although there are advantages to taking it in first year. Students desiring a terminal general Chemistry course: take CHEM 101.

Science majors with Chemistry 11: take CHEM 103, 104. CHEM 103 has four lectures per week.

Science majors with Chemistry 12 or high standing in Chemistry 11: take CHEM 111, 112.

Note: Students with a B or better in CHEM 103 may take CHEM 112. Students with a B or better in CHEM 104 may take second year Chemistry courses.

Computing Science

Students with no previous computing experience: consider CMPT 140, or ISYS 113. Science majors:

  • with credit for a university level Pascal course: take CMPT 166 (second semester);
  • with some computing experience but little programming: take CMPT 140 and 166

No Computing Science course may be used to satisfy lab science requirements for any TWU program.

Environmental Studies

Students interested in Environmental Studies should take at least two of the three ENVS core courses in their first year: BIOL 113, 114; CHEM 111, 112; or GEOG 121, 131; or GEOL 109. See the guidelines above for the recommended high school Biology courses that prepare students for university.

Information Systems

Students should begin with ISYS 113 or 123.


All science majors take a math survey test during registration to determine whether to enrol in MATH 101, 105, or 123. Students demonstrating skills at the Grade 11 level (Principles, Pre-Calculus, or Foundations) take MATH 101. Students with limited knowledge of Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12 take MATH 105. Those demonstrating a B or better in Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12 normally take MATH 123.
Students planning to major in Mathematics or Computing Science are advised to take MATH/CMPT 150 in first year, if possible.

Education majors: elementary level pre-service teachers only with weak mathematics background: take MATH 190; secondary level or elementary level with a B or more in Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12: take MATH 123.

Business majors (B.B.A. program) with at least a B in Principles of Mathematics 12, Pre-Calculus 12 or MATH 101: take MATH 120. Otherwise, take MATH 101; with a very good understanding of math: take MATH 123.

Science majors (except certain ENVS programs): take MATH 123, 124 (subject to math survey results).

Other majors: Math 102 (Statistics) and 150 (Discrete Mathematics) are good choices for students desiring widely-applicable topics in Mathematics.

Note: No student may take both MATH 101 and 190. Also, MATH 120 and 123 cannot both be taken for credit. MATH 190 cannot be taken for credit towards a degree in Mathematics. Students with sufficiently high grades in MATH 120 may, however, be permitted to take MATH 124.


Students wishing to complete a concentration or minor in Physics should take CHEM 111, 112; PHYS 111, 112; and MATH 123, 124 in their first year.

Additional Information

All students must register in the tutorials for BIOL 241, 242; CHEM 103, 104; and CHEM 111, 112.

More Information

Contact Admissions, the Department chair, or the program coordinator.

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