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The School of Education is a professional school that provides programs that are faith based and emphasize servant leadership. The School upholds and promotes the core values of Trinity Western University:

  • Obeying the authority of Scripture: The School embraces all that the Bible teaches about faith and a responsible way of life. It upholds a biblical worldview that includes respect for the dignity and worth of all human beings as well as values such as integrity, justice, and compassion.
  • Pursuing faith-based and faith-affirming learning: The School gives balanced representations of a wide range of educational theories and practices, evaluating them from a Christian standpoint. Students explore the implications of diverse views of the person and of knowledge for teaching and learning. Professors not only teach but also model approaches to teaching and learning in harmony with biblical principles.
  • Having a transformational impact on culture: The School prepares prospective teachers and educational leaders to serve in schools that reflect today’s pluralistic and multicultural society. The concept of pedagogy that underlies the School’s programs goes beyond a “how to” emphasis. It is based on an ethic and ethos that emphasizes responsibility for the overall well-being and growth of all students under the care of teachers, no matter what their background, characteristics, or aptitudes. The School intends students and graduates to have a positive impact on students and schools as they undertake teaching and leadership responsibilities.
  • Servant leadership as a way of life: The School helps pre-service teachers and educational leaders to motivate their students and colleagues to accomplish tasks with competence, creativity, and integrity. The School encourages them to be servant leaders who invest in the lives of others for the benefit of the common good.
  • Growing as disciples in community: The School provides a context in which its students can grow in service to Jesus Christ and model a Christian way of life as they interact with others.
  • Striving for excellence: The School sets high academic, personal, and professional standards—standards that are acknowledged as worthy of pursuit by the educational community. It seeks an excellence that glorifies and pleases God, promoting that which is true, noble, authentic, compelling, and gracious (Philippians 4:8).

Successful teaching and educational leadership require a broad liberal arts education, professional expertise, and personal integrity and trustworthiness. The School of Education requires pre-service teachers to take Trinity Western’s liberal arts core and to gain a concentrated knowledge of one or two subject areas. Pre-service teachers gain an understanding of learning, teaching, curriculum planning, and philosophical and social issues in education. They also develop their abilities in teacher-learner interaction, classroom decision-making and problem solving, and student assessment that strives to improve learning. All this takes place within the contours of a distinctly Christian worldview.

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