Trinity Western University

School of the Arts, Media and Culture


The School of the Arts, Media and Culture covers a range of disciplines. They are grouped together because all of them have a professional or presentational dimension, which is an integral aspect of the area of specialty. In the courses and programs offered by the School, students develop their understanding of persons as creatures of God who are uniquely endowed to make meaningful contributions both to their immediate families and associates as well as to society as a whole. Students are challenged to use such knowledge to commit themselves in a deeper and fuller way to serving the Lord of Life, Jesus Christ, and to model a life of Christian faith wherever God calls them to serve. Students are encouraged to pursue the goals of intellectual curiosity and creativity; spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness; moral integrity; compassion and love for others; and a concern for justice within the social, cultural, educational, and recreational structures of a fallen world. They are also helped to develop abilities that enable them to become discriminating and innovative practitioners in their chosen field of endeavour.

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