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Financial Aid Program

British Columbia Student Assistance Program (StudentAidBC)

This program is open to British Columbia residents who cannot finance their education without assistance. The amount of aid awarded is based on a standard means test developed by the federal and provincial governments. In most cases, it is in the form of a federal Canada student loan combined with a British Columbia student loan. The loans must be repaid, and are repayable beginning six months after graduation or withdrawal from full-time studies. The interest on loans starts accruing upon graduation or upon withdrawal from full-time studies. Students without employment at the end of the six-month grace period may apply for the interest relief program. See the Financial Aid Office for details.

Students enrolled in post-secondary education may be considered for non-repayable loan reductions as a part of their assessment for BC student assistance. Eligibility for this grant is based on financial need and the number of months of post-secondary studies taken as determined by federal-provincial criteria.

To be eligible for aid through BCSAP, applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents (landed immigrants). In addition, official residency in British Columbia must be established according to the federal-provincial criteria.

Student loan documents will be sent to the address used on the applications. Students may apply for loans during the summer session if they are enrolled full time continuously over a period of 12 weeks with no more than a 10-day break between classes.

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