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Transition Programs

Stephen Pasiciel, Transition Programs Director

First Year Experience

Trinity Western University acknowledges the importance of good beginnings. A well-informed start leads to greater satisfaction in the university experience and an enhanced likelihood of personal success. A healthy launch can also enable students to persevere when challenges arise. The First Year Experience Program focuses on meeting student needs and expectations. TWU has learned that students have many unstated needs and that the University is able to target these by focusing on the following distinctive elements:

  1. Discovering Purpose — Students will deepen their knowledge of God's design in all dimensions of their lives.
  2. Broadening Knowledge — Students will communicate, integrate, and use their knowledge of foundational concepts, central to the TWU experience, from the perspective of the Christian worldview.
  3. Reaching Consistency — Students will acknowledge and understand the importance of living thoroughly Christian lives in Christian as well as secular contexts, as well as the necessity of accountability in relationship as being crucial to a consistent lifestyle.
  4. Deepening Skills — Students will integrate, apply, and communicate their knowledge of their field of study, including appropriate technologies, from a Christian worldview.
  5. Collaborating Service — Students will practise interpersonal and collaborative skills as responsible members of their communities.
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