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Academic Standing

Scholastic Distinction — To encourage high standards of scholarship at Trinity Western University, the following scholastic honours will be recognized:

  1. Full-time students who achieve 3.60 or higher current grade point average are listed on the Dean’s List each semester. (Pass/Fail courses do not count toward Dean’s List status.)
  2. Recognition of high levels of scholastic achievement will be made upon graduation, i.e. great distinction for a cumulative GPA of 3.70 or higher and distinction for a cumulative GPA of 3.30 to 3.69.

Academic Probation — All Trinity Western University students are expected to maintain a level of academic achievement that will enable them to graduate at the completion of their program. The University minimum cumulative GPA is 2.00; some departments, especially those involved with professional programs, set the minimum GPA at a higher level. In order to continue in their program from semester to semester, students whose cumulative GPA is below 2.0 during first and second year, or below 2.10 during third and fourth year, must achieve academic standards that are monitored by the Academic Standards Committee. Failure to meet these standards will result in restrictions on course registration and may result in required enrolment in the Academic Recovery Program and/or being required to withdraw from the University.

Students below the required GPA (2.0 during first and second year, or 2.10 during third and fourth year) are notified of their status after the completion of each semester and are encouraged to engage a plan to improve their academic standing. Programs available at the University to assist students in this regard include a Study Skills course and the Choosing to Succeed program. If a student continues to report an unacceptably low GPA after several semesters, the University will normally require the student to withdraw.

Academic trial for the first semester of attendance may be required for students with a low standardized test score or who have completed an ACE program, providing these students with an opportunity to achieve success in university studies. Such students should take SKLS 001 (Study Skills) and have a reduced academic course load.

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This page contains official TWU academic program information.