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Registration and Enrolment

Change of Registration (Add/Drop) and Withdrawal

A student who wishes to make a change in the program of courses for which he or she has registered must make such changes by the Add/Drop deadline.

  1. Adding Courses — Students may add courses, subsequent to registration, until the end of the second week of the semester. All changes must be made through the online registration program. Courses may not normally be added after the second full week of lectures.
  2. Dropping Courses — Courses dropped during the first two weeks of classes are not noted on the student’s academic record. If a student drops all courses, fees that apply to withdrawing from the University will be assessed.
  3. Waitlists — ”W” listed in the status column of the student’s schedule indicates that the class is currently full and the student has been added to the waitlist. The University encourages students to remain on waitlists, which allows exploration of various solutions as we observe student course needs. Additionally, a student’s course may have a “W*” status to indicate that the registration payment has not yet been received. Any unpaid classes after the first payment date will be waitlisted after the course add/drop deadline (2 weeks into the semester) will be deleted from registration. Waitlisted classes are not accessible in MyCourses.
  4. Withdrawing from Courses — Between the end of the second week and the end of the sixth week of classes, a student who withdraws from a course will be assessed a late course withdrawal fee and will receive a grade of ‘W’ on his or her permanent record. Signatures of the student’s instructor(s) as well as the appropriate faculty/school dean(s) are required. Withdrawal after six weeks is not permitted except in severe extenuating circumstances (as assessed by the University Registrar); documentation of the severe extenuating circumstances is required. In such cases, a WP or WF grade will be assigned by the instructor(s) concerned. There is no tuition refund on withdrawals after week six. Forms for three to six week and seven to 11 week withdrawals must be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. Withdrawal from a course is not permitted after the 11th week of classes in a semester. (See section on Other Designated Grades in this Academic Calendar for more information).
  5. Withdrawal from the University — Any student who, after registration, finds it necessary to withdraw from the University should request a withdrawal form at the Student Life Office and obtain signed approvals and releases from various departments as indicated. The date on which the completed form is submitted to the Student Life Office will be used by the Office of the Registrar for calculating refunds of tuition and residence fees. The administration of the University may request a student to withdraw from the University at any time for unsatisfactory conduct, for failure to abide by University regulations, or for exceptionally low academic performance. If a student is re-admitted to the University after being deregistered for one year or more, the graduation requirements at the point of re-admission will apply.
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This page contains official TWU academic program information.