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ESLI Language Centre at TWU

Types of Programs

Upon arrival, international students are evaluated and placed in one of five levels. Each ESLI level provides students with 25 hours of classroom instruction per week. In addition to academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking courses, ESLI programming also includes conversation partners, computer-assisted language learning, and field studies. Advanced level ESLI students participate in the University Bridge Program. This program enables students to take university credit courses as part of their ESLI studies. The Bridge Program has been developed to provide maximum opportunity for undergraduate students to prepare for university.

Students who have been conditionally admitted to a TWU graduate program are required to complete up to two semesters of a Pre-Masters Program (PMP). The PMP focuses on research, writing, and presentation skills specific to the student’s area of study. In addition, students enrolled in the PMP are required to successfully complete 12 credits of upper level study in the program area.

Students may enrol in the ESLI program throughout the semester. However, students arriving six weeks into the term or later are placed into regular academic ESLI classes and are given a general comprehensive final exam to evaluate their language progress. When successful, students progress to the next level.

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This page contains official TWU academic program information.