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  • ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 sem. hrs.)

    A study of the similarity and diversity of the lifeways of people in different cultural contexts, drawing primarily from systematically derived information about different modes of life in various parts of the world. Cultural Anthropology seeks insights to understanding others as well as ourselves, examining human beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviours, and the transgenerational transmission of cultural information within society.

    Prerequisite(s): None. (3-0 or 3-0)

  • ANTH 210 Islamic Culture (3 sem. hrs.)

    A basic overview of Islamic society. Students consider gender and marriage issues, social stratification, law, economics, art, and related topics, and their expression within Islamic culture.

    NB: Not offered every year. See Department chair.

    Prerequisite(s): None. (0-0; 3-0)

  • ANTH 302 Cross-cultural Communication (3 sem. hrs.)

    The nature of cross-cultural interaction, drawing attention both to the unexpected variations in other cultures as well as to the presuppositions from one's own culture that inhibit cross-cultural communication. The need to take into account the dynamic of constant cultural change is also emphasized.

    Cross-listed: COMM 302; LING 302.

    Prerequisite(s): ANTH 101 or instructor's consent. (0-0; 3-0)

  • ANTH 390. Special Topics in Anthropology (3 sem. hrs.)

    An examination of selected topics and theories within the field of anthropology.

    Prerequisite(s): ANTH 101 or instructor's consent (3-0 or 3-0)

  • ANTH 452 Leadership Communication in Multi-cultural Contexts (3 sem. hrs.)

    Builds on foundational concepts of cross-cultural communication, taking a deeper look at issues raised by the interface of leadership communication and multi-cultural, non-Western contexts. Explores issues such as cognitive frameworks, motivation, decision-making, conflict resolution, and the management of time, people, and projects. Studies perception and the enactment of relational leadership behaviour in settings abroad, deepening understanding and sharpening cross-cultural skills, thereby equipping students for maximum effectiveness in a professional multi-cultural setting.

    NB: Summer session only in Guatemala or Kenya.

    Cross-listed: COMM 452.

    Prerequisite: ANTH 302.

  • ANTH 470 Linguistic Field Methods: Language and Culture Learning (3 sem. hrs.)

    Introduction to various facets of linguistic field work with an emphasis on language acquisition. Students develop self-directed strategies based on personal learning styles. Various topics related to field work, such as text collection, cultural journaling, and technical writing. Practical experience in the above topics is gained by working with a speaker of a non-Indo-European language. Additional work on phonological and grammatical analysis of this language.

    Co-requisites: LING 460, 480.

    Cross-listed: LING 470.

    Prerequisite(s): LING 210; 310, 330, 360; or instructor's consent. (3-2; 0-0)

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