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Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

For more information on this off-campus program and for course descriptions, see TWU's Au Sable faculty representative, Prof. Karen Steensma or go directly to Au Sable courses are offered at the Great Lakes site in Northern Michigan, at the Pacific Rim Institute on Puget Sound in Washington, and in India and Costa Rica. Courses go directly on the transcript at TWU. Please see the Office of the Registrar for tuition rates.

    • Great Lakes

      BIOL/GEOL/GEOG 301 Land Resources

      BIOL 302 Limnology (Water Resources)

      BIOL 305 Field Ecology of Birds

      BIOL 311 Field Botany

      BIOL 312 Insect Biology and Ecology

      BIOL 321 Animal Ecology

      BIOL 322 Aquatic Biology

      BIOL 345 Wildlife Ecology

      BIOL/GEOG 355 Watershed Stewardship

      BIOL 360 Molecular Tools for the Field Biologist

      BIOL 361 Field Biology in Spring

      BIOL/CHEM/GEOG 390 Directed Individual Study

      BIOL/GEOG 471 Conservation Biology

      BIOL 482 Restoration Ecology

      BIOL/CHEM/ENVS/GEOG 490 Research Methods I

      BIOL/CHEM/ENVS/GEOG 491 Research Methods II

      BIOL/CHEM/GEOG 499 Research

      CHEM 332 Environmental Chemistry

    • Pacific Rim

      BIOL 318 Marine Biology

      BIOL 359 Marine Mammals

      BIOL 452 Environmental Health

      BIOL 478 Alpine Ecology

      BIOL/GEOG 303 Ecological Agriculture

      BIOL/ENVS/GEOG 304 International Development and Environmental Sustainability

      BIOL/CHEM/GEOG 499 Research

    • India

      BIOL 427 Ecology of the Indian Tropics

      BIOL/ENVS/GEOG 990 Post-Baccalaureate Directed Study

  • Costa Rica

    BIOL/GEOG 343 Tropical Agriculture and Missions


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