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Course Descriptions


    • RUSS 101, 102 Introduction to Russian (3, 3 sem. hrs.)

      An introduction to the Russian language and culture. Basic skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking are taught, as well as various aspects of life and culture in countries where Russian is spoken.

      Prerequisite(s): None for 101; RUSS 101 is a prerequisite to 102. (3-1; 3-1)

    • RUSS 201, 202 Intermediate Russian I & II (3, 3 sem. hrs.)

      These courses cover the fundamentals of Russian language and grammar at an intermediate level. Special emphasis is placed on the development of oral communication skills, as well as translation and interpretation. Courses also include a survey of several prominent Russian authors and their works.

      NB: Presently offered as a Directed Study.

      Prerequisite(s): RUSS 102 for RUSS 201; RUSS 201 for RUSS 202


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