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Course Descriptions

University Preparation

    • MYTW 101 Introduction to University: Gateway to University Success (1 sem. hr.)

      This course, available to new students each semester, is designed to help first year students transition to university by imparting some of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes requisite for success in university study. About half of the one-hour per week sessions are devoted to large group presentations, while the remainder consists of small group sessions led by third and fourth year students. Topics include orientation activities, goal setting, personal strength inventories, study skills development, choice of a major, stress management, academic planning, and the sustainment of spiritual vitality in a Christian context.

      NB: MYTW 101 is mandatory for all full-time (i.e., 12 sem. hrs. or more) students entering TWU with fewer than 27 sem. hrs. of credit.

      Prerequisite(s): None. (1-0 or 1-0)

    • UNIV 301 Introduction to Lifelong Learning Strategies (2 sem. hrs.)

      This introductory course is designed to prepare and equip the adult learner for academic and personal learning success for life. It focuses on adult and midlife development and lifelong learning. Topics include building a personal knowledge profile and learning log, understanding theories of adult development and personal learning styles, and building advanced learning competencies (research, writing, reading skills; presentation and note-taking skills; and other critical skill development). Modern concepts of personal mastery, mental models, and team learning are included as part of the exploration of systems thinking.

      NB: This is a required course for students entering the Adult Degree Completion Program.

      Prerequisite(s): None. (2-0 or 2-0)

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