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Graduate Program in Leadership (M.A.) and in Educational Leadership (M.A.) - Canada


The M.A. in Leadership and M.A. in Educational Leadership programs consist of 36 sem. hrs., including five foundational courses, five specialized online stream courses, and completion of a Leadership Integration Project. Students may select one of two cohorts to begin the 26-month program. The first cohort normally begins each year in July and the second in August.

  • All participants are required to take 15 sem. hrs. of foundational courses. Four foundational courses (12 sem. hrs) are offered on-campus in July and August: Leadership Foundations; Scholarly Inquiry; Results-based Leadership; and Team Leadership & Conflict Resolution. Two other foundational courses—Leadership, Values and Ethics,—are offered online.
  • An additional 15 sem. hrs. of specialized online courses focus on the participant’s chosen area of leadership practice: adult education, business, health, education (K-12), non-profit, or Christian ministry organizations. These courses emphasize individualized learning.
  • The introductory course on Scholarly Inquiry is designed to facilitate critical thinking, logical, and systemic major project work. This course is worth 3 sem. hours and is taught on campus in year 1.
  • The final requirement is the completion of Leadership Integration Project, which is worth 3 sem. hrs. In exceptional circumstances, a major paper option may be considered. Learners selecting a major paper will require 3 additional semester hours to graduate.

Curriculum specific to M.A. in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin

The Master of Arts in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin program includes a mandatory three-day orientation offered face to face and a pre- requisite (non-credit) course offered in a mixed-mode format. Learners must complete the orientation and prerequisite course successfully to commence the program.

  • The Master of Arts in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin program consists of 36 semester hours, including five foundational leadership courses, five specialized business stream courses, a scholarly inquiry course and Leadership Integration Project as the major project. Courses are delivered in an mixed mode format, including face-to-face, online, and experiential learning components.

Courses to be taken

  • All courses taken in the M.A. in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin degree are based on the degree program in Canada contextualized for Chinese learners.
  • All participants are required to take the 5 foundational leadership courses (see MA Leadership program description for the list of foundational courses).

    Each of the five foundational courses in the M.A. in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin is delivered in an online format, with an experiential learning component embedded (face-to-face) to contextualize and enrich the online course delivery, and to facilitate community building. In addition, periodic travel study components will be required to supplement the course material and provide real-life case examples of learning material. As the locations and times of the travel study learning components may change, it is important for learners to regularly check the M.A. Lead website for updates. Learners should anticipate some travel costs in addition to tuition for the M.A. in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin program.
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