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Graduate Program in Leadership (M.A.) and in Educational Leadership (M.A.) - Canada

Fees for M.A. in Leadership

Since the program and policies of the University are under continual review, the schedule of fees and charges may change without notice. The following fee schedule is for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Tuition Fees

M.A. in Leadership $670/sem. hr.
M.A. in Educational Leadership $670/sem. hr.
Certificate in Educational Leadership $705/sem. hr.
Certificate in Leadership $705/sem. hr.
M.A. in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin 24,000 entire program

Registration Deposit

A $300 deposit is due on March 15 for students entering either the May or July summer cohorts. This is fully refundable, if notice is received no later than one month prior to the commencement of classes. After that, the entire registration fee is forfeited if the applicant does not enroll for that year’s courses. When students register in summer courses, the deposit applies towards their tuition payment.

Registration and Payment Schedule

Course Start Register by semester between these dates Payment Deadline
July on campus Mar. 15th to Jun. 15th (Summer) June 15th
August on campus Mar. 15th to July 15th (Summer) July 15th
September online June 15th to Aug. 15th (Fall) Aug. 15th
January online Nov. 10th to Dec. 15th (Spring) Dec. 15th
March online Nov. 10th to Dec. 15th (Spring) Feb. 15th
June online Mar. 15th to May 15th (Summer) May 15th
  • This flexible schedule allows students to pay only for those courses in which they are enrolled. It is always to the students’ financial advantage to complete the program in 26 months, but if students choose to distribute their period of study beyond that time, the fee per semester hour for that enrolment year applies.
  • Students wishing to take individual courses may do so with the director’s permission, if space is available, at the current per semester hour rate, payable two weeks prior to the beginning of the course. This payment is non-refundable, should the student withdraw for reasons other than medical ones.
  • More program fee information is available from the Graduate Admissions Office.
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