Trinity Western University

Graduate Program in Leadership (M.A.) and in Educational Leadership (M.A.) - Canada


The leadership degrees are intended to be intensely practical, with an emphasis on developing leadership skills that can be used immediately in the participant’s place of employment.

To ensure that participants learn leadership skills particular to their needs and those of the organization in which they are employed, adult learning principles are applied in the learning process:

  • Balancing the instructor’s information presentation with opportunities to raise leadership-based service improvement;
  • Providing a learning format that accommodates personal styles and rate of learning progress;
  • Involving extensive group interaction and assignments;
  • Solving practical problems faced in participant work situations;
  • Promoting different perspectives towards realization of shared learning outcome expectations;
  • Utilizing instructor experiences, special readings, and case studies in understanding new concepts; and
  • Participant empowerment through specification of shared learning objectives.
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