Trinity Western University

Graduate Tuition and Student Fees 2013-2014

Miscellaneous Fees

1. Continuing Graduate Fee  
Fall and spring semesters $955
Summer semesters $450

Students must pay this fee for each semester required to complete the thesis or internship requirements beyond the 6-12 sem. hr. allotment. This fee also covers students on leave from the program, with the exception of parental leave and other certified medical leave (see above). Registration for continuation needs to be made each semester a student continues in his or her thesis beyond the original thesis registrations. Students applying for government loans may need to complete a form signed by the director to prove equivalent credit status, since no extra credit is awarded for continuation. See the Financial Aid Director for details.

2. Admission Deposit for all Programs $300

For new and re-enrolling students, this deposit is credited towards payment of other fees. Students should check with the Director of Graduate Admissions for all deposit due dates and cancellation deadlines. All registration deposits sent by mail should be addressed as follows:

Trinity Western University Graduate Admissions
7600 Glover Road
Langley, B.C. V2Y 1Y1

3. Security Deposit $100

The security deposit is a $100 refundable deposit required of all students. The deposit will be used to cover damage or breakage in a student residence or academic lab and other areas of student indebtedness to the University including outstanding parking and library fees & fines, etc. Should there be any charges against this deposit reinstatement to the full amount of $100.00 will be required by the beginning of the next semester at the University.

4. Transcripts $10

A fee is charged for each copy ordered as per the fee schedule on the Registrar website. Students may order transcripts online from the Office of the Registrar at

5. Returned Cheque—regardless of reason $25
6. Late Registration Fee $50

This fee is applicable to all course registrations after the first week of the semester.

7. Late Payment Fee $50

This fee is applicable for those students who do not make payments on time. This fee is over and above interest charges incurred on overdue accounts.

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