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Discipleship and Mentoring Ministries

At Trinity Western University, we believe in the transformational power of Jesus Christ to change individual’s’ lives. A great way to experience this is within the context of an authentic biblical community. In its simplest form, a disciple is a learner or follower—a student of a teacher or mentor. At TWU, students are taught and encouraged to be followers of Jesus Christ, in obedience to His teachings and the Scriptures.

Praying, teaching, serving, and listening are key elements that are emphasized within each discipleship group. In these groups, students pray for students (Jas 5:16), teach students (2 Tim 4:2), serve one another (1 Peter 4:10), and listen to each other (Job 4:4). There are more than 25 discipleship groups on campus. Each discipleship group is led by a student leader who is mentored by a discipleship coordinator.

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