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Trinity Western University is a member of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), an association of more than 90 liberal arts Christian colleges and universities. Through the CCCU, a number of off-campus experiential learning opportunities exist. Most programs are one semester in length and provide a full course load of study. Students may transfer approximately 15 to 17 sem. hrs. of CCCU credit towards their TWU program.

American Studies Program

The American Studies Program serves as the Washington campus of CCCU-member institutions. Based on the principle of integrating faith, learning, and living, students spend a semester in Washington, D.C., earning academic credit by serving as interns and participating in a contemporary, issue-oriented seminar program. Available internships may include congressional offices, social service agencies, think tanks, or cultural institutions. The American Studies Program is designed for third and fourth year students with a wide range of academic majors and vocational interests. Fall and spring terms. Contact TWU Extension for more information.

China Studies Program

Students interested in China have the opportunity to engage this large and intriguing country from the inside. The semester includes study of standard Chinese language, geography, history, religion, and culture, and China’s modern development. Participants travel throughout China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and the Guangzhou/Hong Kong region. They also have opportunities to interact with Chinese by assisting in English classes. This interdisciplinary program is designed to help students understand the complex history, culture, and current issues facing China, to provide an opportunity to learn through travel and interaction with the people, and to equip them to develop a Christ-centred worldview of China. Fall and spring terms every year. Contact TWU Extension for more information.

Contemporary Music Center

The Contemporary Music Center, located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, just off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, offers students the opportunity to spend a semester studying, living, and working with faculty, music industry experts, and other students interested in making and marketing contemporary music. The program is designed not just for Music majors but for any student considering a career as a musician, vocalist, songwriter, producer, engineer, artist manager, booking agent, A&R director, marketing executive, music publisher, concert promoter, or entertainment industry entrepreneur. In addition to core courses about the music industry and the intersection of faith and culture, students choose between the Artist Track or the Music Executive Track. The program combines lectures and seminars with intensive hands-on and field experience. Contact the Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts for more information.

Latin American Studies Program

An opportunity to live and learn in Latin America is available to students from CCCU-member institutions through the Latin American Studies Program. Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, the program is committed to helping students examine and live out the lordship of Jesus Christ in an international context. Each semester, approximately 25 students are selected to participate in this seminar and service experience. Fall and spring terms every year. Contact TWU Extension for more information.

Los Angeles Film Studies Center

The purpose of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center is to enable Christian college and university students to serve in various aspects of the film industry with professional skill and Christian integrity. Located in Burbank near major production studios, the semester-long program combines seminar courses with an internship in various segments of the film industry, providing students with the opportunity to explore the industry within a Christian context and from a liberal arts perspective. Contact Dr. Ned Vankevich for more information.

Middle East Studies Program

Located in Cairo, Egypt, students spend a semester learning how to relate to the Muslim world in an informed and constructive manner. Students explore Middle Eastern cultures, religions, and conflicts from within this diverse and strategic region of the world. Arabic language instruction is provided. Students serve as interns with various organizations in Cairo and spend two weeks in Israel. Fall and spring terms. Contact the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for more information.

Oxford Honours Program

Students have the opportunity to study in England through an interdisciplinary semester at Oxford University. This rigorous academic program, aimed at increasing critical thinking skills and scholarship from a Christian perspective, allows participants to choose from a wide variety of tutorial study programs in the arts, religion, history, economics, philosophy, and other disciplines. In addition to two Oxford tutorials, students participate in a seminar and an integrative course through which they produce a scholarly project or term paper. Field trips provide opportunities for experiential learning in England’s rich historical setting. Contact the chair of the English Department for more information.

Oxford Summer School Program

Students at CCCU-member colleges and universities are invited to apply for admission to the Oxford University Summer School Program, a multi-disciplinary study of the history and development of the Renaissance and Reformation through examination of the philosophy, art, literature, science, music, politics, and religion of this era. Students have the opportunity to study with the faculty of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, which is affiliated with Oxford University’s Keble College. Contact the chair of the English Department for more information.

India Studies Program

The India Studies Program offers a unique opportunity to encounter one of today's most fascinating and diverse cultures. In particular, the India Studies Program challenges students to discover for themselves a variety of ways to address the needs of the poor and disenfranchised, acting as agents of salt and light in broken world. The India Studies Program is structured to provide students with both immersion in a local community and broad exposure to a variety of peoples, places, and customs in India including an extensive two-week travel portion to provide students a close-up look at India's diversity. Students participate in two core courses designed to provide a broad overview of the historical, religious, geographical, and economic landscape of India. Building on their basic understanding of India's past and contemporary realities, students have opportunities to explore a variety of issues—poverty, social justice, rapid social change, religious pluralism—through the eyes and experience of Indian Christians. Rounding out the semester experience, students also have the opportunity to take courses in their major areas with Indian students and professors. The India Studies Program is located at Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Sciences, which is in the city of Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu. Contact Dr. Paul Rowe for more information.

Australia Studies Centre

Students interested in the arts (music, dance, theatre, design) can enjoy a unique semester studying ways to express themselves in the thriving international city of Sydney, Australia, through the Wesley Institute. In this highly experiential program, students explore and learn how to live the Christian life in a world that is religiously and culturally pluralistic, grappling with the meaning of being salt and light in the arena of professional performing arts. Contact the Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts for more information.

Washington Journalism Center

Located in Washington, D.C., students intent on journalism have the opportunity to study the industry in the capital of the U.S.A. Students interact in internships and listen to professionals who broaden their understanding of news, reporting, and media involvement. Contact the chair of the Communications Department for more information.

Uganda Studies Program

The Uganda Studies Program enables students to experience various geographical and cultural aspects of Uganda over the course of a semester. Witness a society in reform as the country experiences political and religious transformations with a new and growing government and an enthusiastic involvement of Christianity across the continent. Contact TWU Extension for more information.

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